Begin Your Day With a Of Florencia Attractions

Florence interesting attractions make up the 1st part of a two-part itinerary that takes visitors to metropolis of Florence in Tuscany. Florencia is known global for its picturesque landscapes, their culture, and universities. Among the best Florence attractions are the Duomo, the cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the Sienese community center, Pincio.

A few stops from Florence interesting attractions on the outskirts are two other historic centres. The Punta Esperto region hosts the beautiful village hall palazzovecchio. This historic centre was rebuilt according to an agreement signed by Pope Sixtus IV great papacy through the rebuilding of the city of Florence. Here, site visitors can still begin to see the famous Duomo. It is also home to the well-known Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which will links the location to the hill-side town of Siena.

Metropolis of E?ia also provides an excellent starting place for many other Florence sights. This part of Tuscany enjoys a lively night life and is one very popular resort town for travelers. It is famous for the renaissance art work and for being a place wherever many recognized artists were living and previously worked, including Michelangelo. Finally, metropolis of Florence attractions are the Duomo and the Siena Tall. The Duomo, Florence’s largest and most recognized attraction, is the venue to get the famous Medici wedding and is also recognized as a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site.


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